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Why Sponsor?

If you would like for your business listing to stand out, then a sponsorship will help!


There are fees associated with maintaining a website; I do not charge anyone to be listed on our Church Family Biz website because I want everyone to participate.  But there are sponsorship opportunities to help me cover the cost of running the site and help businesses stand out.

These sponsorships will prominently appear at the bottom of the directory on this website and link to your website.

Just fill out the form on this page and upload your logo or business card to get started.  If you need help creating a logo, just let me know, we have a level for that!

  • $20 Sponsor - Logo and link to your website

  • $40 Sponsor - Logo with business card information 

  • $60 Sponsor - For those that need help creating a logo/ ad for page 

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Fill out the form below to become a sponsor.

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