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White Rock Boxing documentary by Gatta Films by Laura Valtorta.png
Water Women by Gatta Films A documentary by Laura Valtorta.webp

White Rock Boxing

Available on YouTube

and Filmocracy

Water Women

         Available on         Amazon Prime Video

and Filmocracy

Disaster Man by Laura Valtorta and Gatta Films.png

Disaster Man

  Available on    Amazon Prime Video

PeeDee Indian Nation Water Series by Gatta Films llc.png
The Art House by Gatta Films by Lauray Valtorta.png

The Art House

Available on Amazon

Mendhi and Me by Gatta Films by Laura Valtorta.png

Mehndi & Me

Available on YouTube

Queen of the Road by Gatta Films Laura Valtorta.png

Queen of the Road

Available on Amazon

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