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AT&T Fiber presentation
Saturday, June 22  11a - 2pm
@FLP boat ramp pavilion
For more details, please see the Event in the Facebook group.

Join our private Facebook Group to stay updated on current neighborhood events and to meet your neighbors. 

The name of our private Facebook Group is Forty Love Point HOA.

***Please request to join our Facebook Group ONLY if you are a current resident of Forty Love Point.***

FLP FB Group.png
boat launch pavillion.png

2024 FLP HOA Board

Paul Moore - President
Bob Williamson -  Past President
Sandra Hunter -  Vice President
Pam Moore - Treasurer
Meredith Fuson-Hill - Secretary

Sandra Hunter - Newcomers
Keith Deidrichs - Adult Social

Anastasia Watson - Kids Social
Joe Barkevich - ARC

Note from our Treasurer: 

2024 HOA Dues 

are $375, and they were due by January 31, 2024.  

Annual boat storage fees are $150. 

Invoices were sent out on January 1, 2024. 

Please send payment to:


PO Box 457

White Rock, SC 29177

or pay online using the link in your invoice. 


Past Due HOA dues are subject to fees and liens; be sure to pay by January 1st every year.  
Thank You! 

Warning Bad Guys:

Our neighborhood is under video surveillance!

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