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Pet Licenses

Pet owners in Richland County are expected to provide their dogs or cats over the age of six months with a current rabies vaccination from a licensed veterinarian and a current pet tag issued by Richland County Animal Care. In Richland County, the penalty for an unlicensed pet is $500.00.

The pet owner is required to show proof of rabies vaccination from a licensed veterinarian and proof of spay/neuter if applicable. Pet owners are also required to renew their license every year. Each pet license is good for one year; you will be notified by mail one month before your renewal date.

For more information about costs or to download the license application, visit the Richland County Animal Care website.


 Pet Licensin

Forty Love Point Homeowner’s Association

Standard of Care for Pets


The following govern pet ownership within Forty Love Point as drawn from the applicable statues for animal control of Richland and Lexington Counties. This Standard of Care was developed to support compliance with county codes, promote respect for property and avoid potential public nuisance.

  1. Pets are defined as domestic dogs [canis familiaris] and/or domestic cats [felis catus domesticus]. No animals, except domestic pets, may be kept within Forty Love Point.

  2. Pets must be inoculated against rabies in such a manner as to provide continual protection.

  3. Pets must have an identification tag fastened to the pet’s collar or harness that clearly identifies the owner’s name and phone number.

  4. Pets must be kept restrained or confined, except for domestic cats that have been spayed or neutered. When used, invisible fencing must be clearly marked and labeled (e.g., sign on mailbox post, tree).

  5. The owner of every pet shall be responsible for the removal of any solid excrement deposited by his or her pet on public areas or private property other than that of the owner. (Great use for those plastic grocery bags)

  6. Per the covenants and restrictions for Forty Love Point, pet owners are reminded that no noxious or offensive activity [e.g., dog barking] shall be carried on upon any lot, nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.

Richland County Animal Services Division of Animal Care

(803) 929-6000

Failure to abide by Richland County Pet Laws

Fines:  $1087.50 and            up to 30 days in jail


Please contact your county for Pet assistance; the FLP HOA is not responsible for enforcing Pet Laws and has no authority to do so.  


Richland County pet info link:

(803) 929-6000


Lexington County pet info link:

(803) 785-8149

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