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Upcoming Events: 

Neighborhood Garage Sale

May 4th 8am - 1pm 

Join our Facebook Group page to stay updated on current neighborhood events and to meet your neighbors. 

The name of our Private Facebook Page is Forty Love Point HOA

***Please request an invite to our Facebook page ONLY if you are a current resident of Forty Love Point***

FLP FB Group.png

2024 FLP HOA Board

Paul Moore - President
Bob Williamson -  Past President
Sandra Hunter -  Vice President
Pam Moore - Treasurer
Meredith Fuson-Hill - Secretary
Sandra Hunter - Newcomers
Keith Deidrichs - Adult Social

Anastasia Watson - Kids Social
Joe Barkevich - ARC

Note from our Treasurer: 

2024 HOA Dues 

are $375, and they are due by January 31, 2024.  

Annual boat storage fees are $150. 

Invoices were sent out on January 1, 2024. 

Please send payment to:


PO Box 457

White Rock, SC 29177

or pay online using the link in your invoice. 


Past Due HOA dues are subject to fees and liens; be sure to pay by January 1st every year.  
Thank You! 

boat launch pavillion.png

Warning Bad Guys:

Our neighborhood is Under Video Surveillance!

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